Contains genuine 24k Gold solution 
If you wanted to gold plate coins in seconds at around 20p per coin fro friends family or even to sell then this is abolutely perfect for you.
You simply clean the coin up with the compound polish, to make it nice and shiny, then use the supplied plating machine and prep chemicals for a few minutes, rinse and then gold plate in the supplied pot for about 1 minute, finish with a rinse and finally go over with the finishing polish (all supplied)


GS50 Plating machine with adjustable voltage setting

Solid sturdy stainless steel probe for mini tanking with

50ml 24k Gold solution, enough for between 50 and 100 coins dependin on size

50ml Nickel activator

50ml Electrocleaning solution 

50ml Compound polish for buffing up the ring before you plate

50ml Finishing polish (called gold polish) for use AFTER you finish plating

3 Chemical resistant pots (1 for prep, 1 for Activator, 1 for Gold)


Very easy to do, no skill involved, and more Gold is available from us on request

Gold Plating Kit For Coins

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