Perfect package for plating any metal item of any size  to the highest quality startndards with no skill required.


Contents are as follows:

GS200 De-Luxe 10amp digital plating machine

Carry Case 

150ml Gold solution 

100ml Platinum solution 

100ml Rhodium solution

500ml Silver solution 

100ml Copper Strike 

1 litre Nickel solution 

100ml Chrome solution 

250ml Compound polish 

250ml Finishing polish 

1 litre Chrome stripper 

1 litre Nickel activator 

1 litre Stainless Steel activator

1 litre Electrocleaner

1 litre anodise Stripper

1 litre Allycu solution (to make aluminium easy to plate in any finish)

3x 1 litre tanks

Stainless steel large flat anodes (for electrocleaner tank)

2x flat nickel anode (for nickel plating tank)

Copper wire for tank setup

Titanium wire for nickel tank setup

3 NEW DESIGN Insulated Stainless Steel brush plating probes 

2 leads 

2 Crocodile clips

Wire wool 

Large bundle Swabbing 

Latex Gloves 

3 Chemical pots 

3 Plastic trays 

Eye protectors 

6 Practice pieces 

Detailed owners manual covering all aspects of electroplating PLUS detailed manual on developing a Gold plating business

Completely free and unlimited technical and business building lifetime support

GS200 Gold Plating Kit

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