New Ugraded GS200 De-Luxe Electroforming Gold plating kit with extra Platinum, Rhodium and Silver 




There is also enough 24k gold solution to plate 15 APPLE IPHONES (worth up to £1500), with a further 'BONUS' of Chrome, Nickel and Copper plating solutions (only while stocks last)


Now you will also receive 100ml each of Platinum, Rhodium and Silver plating solutions. This is enough to generate another £2000 in customer charges alone


For the first time ever we can provide a complete business package designed for the 21st century. There are packages similar to this on the market with other companies selling between £2000 and £3000 - but with less than half the benefits. If you are looking for the best opportunity in starting a new business then this is for you.


No previous experience is required and incomes well in excess of £100 per hour can be earned from DAY ONE.


The GS200 kit is the most popular of our plating kits and can be used for both BRUSH and TANK plating most metals


With a powerful 10amp digital machine you are assured of the highest quality finish in all metals and each kit is complete with everything necessary to start plating from the moment you receive it. With this special offer does it also come with A carry case PLUS Chrome, Nickel and Copper plating chemicals.


Full list of contents

  • GS200 De-Luxe 25amp digital plating machine with lifetime warranty
  • Complete Buffing kit
  • Carry Case
  • 150ml Gold solution
  • 100ml Platinum solution
  • 100ml Rhodium solution
  • 100ml Silver solution
  • 100ml Copper Strike
  • 100ml Nickel solution
  • 100ml Chrome solution
  • 100ml Compound polish
  • 100ml Finishing polish
  • 500ml Chrome stripper
  • 500ml Nickel activator
  • 500ml Stainless Steel activator
  • 500ml Electrocleaner
  • 3 NEW DESIGN Insulated Stainless Steel probes
  • 2 leads
  • 2 Crocodile clips
  • Wire wool
  • Large bundle Swabbing
  • Latex Gloves
  • 3 Chemical pots
  • 3 Plastic trays
  • Eye protectors
  • 6 Practice pieces
  • Detailed owners manual covering all aspects of electroplating PLUS detailed manual on developing a Gold plating business
  • Completely free and unlimited technical and business building lifetime support


Please note pictures of kits do not always match the list of contents shown above so please go by list of contents and not the picture

GS200 Gold Plating Kit with Metal Buffing Kit



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