Perfect start-up package for plating any metal item of any size to the highest quality startndards with no skill required.


Contents are as follows:

Top of the range GS200 electroplating/electroforming kit for plating any metal with white, rose and 24k yellow gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, chrome, nickel, copper, Palladium, Zinc

Carry Case 

150ml Gold solution 

100ml Platinum solution 

100ml Rhodium solution

100ml Silver solution 

100ml Copper Strike 

1 litre Nickel solution 

100ml Chrome solution 

100ml Compound polish 

100ml Finishing polish 

500ml Chrome stripper 

500ml Nickel activator 

500ml Stainless Steel activator

1 litre Electrocleaner

1 litre Anodise Stripper

1 litre Allycu solution (to make aluminium easy to plate in any finish)

3x 1 litre tanks

Stainless steel large flat anodes (for electrocleaner tank)

2x flat nickel anode (for nickel plating tank)

Copper wire for tank setup

Titanium wire for nickel tank setup

3 NEW DESIGN Insulated Stainless Steel brush plating probes 

2 leads 

2 Crocodile clips

Wire wool 

Large bundle Swabbing 

Latex Gloves 

3 Chemical pots 

3 Plastic trays 

Eye protectors 

6 Practice pieces 

Detailed owners manual covering all aspects of electroplating PLUS detailed manual on developing a Gold plating business

Completely free and unlimited technical and business building lifetime support

Start-Up GS200 Gold Plating Kit

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